Product Detail

Smallest Glass Transponder 1.25*7mm

Standard: ISO11784/785 FDX-B
Frequency: 134.2KHz
Size: 1.25*7mm
Packing: 100pcs/pouch
Material: Bio glass 8625
Product Description

ROFO Mini Series glass transponder 1.25*7mm is the smallest animal id in the world at present. Its diameter is only 1.25mm, smaller than a grain of rice. This tiny tag implants subcutaneously with minimal invasiveness. Even small animals, like fish and mice, will experience negligible injection trauma and excellent acceptance. The enclosed technology chip meets ISO11784/11785.


▸ Only 7mm long, smaller than a grain of rice

▸ ISO 11784, 11785 and 14223 compliant

▸ Bioglass capsules with optional parylene coating ensure optimal biocompatibility

▸ Unlimited resistance to water and chemical absorption


Product CodeRFGT07
ElectronicOperating Frequency134.2KHz +/- 3KHz
Chip TypeEM4305
Memory512 bit EEPROM
Reading Distance5 to 8.5cm (Tested by ROFO Handheld Scanner)
PhysicalDimensionsΦ1.25 x 7 mm
Tagging MethodSubcutaneous
Housing Material8625 Bio-glass
Weight0.03 g
ThermalStorage -40° to +90°C
Operating -25° to +85°C
OthersStandards ISO 11784/11785, ISO 14223

Parylene coating (when ordering coating, increase base model

number by one), custom programming

Warranty 2 Years

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