Product Detail

RFID Cable Tie Tag

Standard: ISO14443, ISO15693, ISO18000
Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960MHz
Size: 325*52*27mm, customized
Packing: Standard Safe Packing
Material: ABS+Steel, Nylon, PVC
Product Description

RFID cable tie tags provide an innovative solution for clear and rapid product identification. The nylon cable ties are equipped with an RFID transponder and therefore combine the numerous advantages of a regular cable tie with RFID technology. The ties are especially suited for securing, serialisation, tracking and identification of products in the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution and rental services as well as for easy management of maintenance and repair routines.

RFID Cable Tie Tag is made from Nylon or PVC, optional in different colors like yellow / red / white and blue. It can be used in water and harsh outdoor environments. It is particularly designed for plants, flowers and cable tracking. With the band inserted, the tracking material can be fixed very reliable with straps.

The RFID Cable Tie Tag is installed with a cable tie. It can be used in various applications. such as inventory systems, cable management systems etc. The key advantage is: it is a water/dust proof tag and the tag can be strapped to the object you want to track or identify in very harsh environments.


Waterproof, Anti Collision, Corrosion, Durability features;

Flip latch location, Cable tie tape insert will not exit, Excellent locking effect;

Chip in the label binding external position, Not affected by the strapped object, Stable reading.


Materialengineering materials ABS + steel core, PVC, Nylon etc
ChipTK4100, Impinj M4E etc
Frequency125KHz, 915MHz, etc
Label Size

36*23*11mm, steel wire length 280mm steel wire diameter 1.8mm

(length can be customized according to customer requirements),

the length of the seal can be adjusted.

Pull ForceF≥3000N
Read/Write Distance0-3cm or so (reading and writing distance is related to the reader)
Working Temperature(-40~100)°C
Colorred, white, black, yellow, blue (other colors can be customized)

The metal lock body adopts the steel ball diagonal pull structure.

The seal can be directly pierced and pulled. The seal is a one-time seal.

After pulling, it will leave traces. Each strip has a unique serial number,

which is safe, secure and easy. The lock cannot be used again after using it once.

Use Units

anti-counterfeiting and confidential use of network cabling, finance,

department stores, power, petrochemical, shipping, gardening and

other industries.

Surface Treatment

The surface can be affixed to the customer's needs or screen printed on

the unit, date, serial number, barcode and other personalized content.

Packing50 pieces / bag, 1000 pieces / box
Weight21g / strip
FCL Weight22KG / box

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