Product Detail

RFH190L Long Read Range Handheld Animal Reader

Standard: ISO11784/785 FDX-B
Frequency: 134.2KHz
Size: 182*81*15mm
Packing: Individual Safe Packing
Material: Plastic Cover
Product Description

RFH190L can identify animal tags that meet the ISO11784/85 standard. It uses advanced RF transmit and combined with arigorous decoding algorithm to receive, verify and read the identification.

RFH190 has the characteristics of high receiving sensitivity, small working current, convenient carrying and high cost performance.

The data is displayed on the LCD screen in real time.

It is a low frequency 134.2 KHz electronic tag reader which comes with longer read range comparing other similar sized readers on the market.

OLED display, USB charging directly.


ParameterFrequency: 134.2kHz
Reading Standard: ISO11784/5 FDX-B
Data Storage: 8 sets of data
Communication Mode: USB
Reading Distance: ear tag >25cm
galss tube: 10-15cm (depending on the chip size)
Screen28*12mm OLED
Working   ConditionsOperation Temperature: -30°C-50°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C-65°C
Operating humidity: 5%-90%
Continuous Working Time: 4 hours
Dimensions & WeightProduct Size: 182*81*15mm, 90g
Package Size: 213*149*29mm, 176g
Term of Service1 year
Power SupplyBuild-in lithium battery

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