Product Detail

RFID Brick Tag(RFID Plastic Wedge)

Standard: ISO11784/785 FDX-B, HDX, EM ID
Frequency: 125KHz, 134.2KHz, 13.56MHz, 860~960Mhz
Size: 12.15x5.71x3.1mm
Packing: Standard Safe Packing
Material: ABS
Product Description

Known as the RFID brick tag, plastic wedge and/or coffin tags due to its unique shape, the brick tag excels in applications requiring a small foot print as they can be embedded in space-restricted applications.

Brick tags also offer great durability as they can withstand physical stress and are resistant to water, chemicals, acids, and temperature extremes. Brick tags can also be mounted on or in metal.

Brick Tag Applications:

- Cable identification

- Tool or weapon inventory

- Surgical instrumentation tracking

- Medical equipment status and utilization

- automobile immobilizer theft prevention systems


FunctionalityRead/Only, Read/Write
Memory (bits)64, 80
Memory (pages)1
Operating frequency134.2 kHz
ModulationFSK (frequency shift keying) 134.2 kHz / 123.2 kHz
Transmission principleHDX (half duplex)
Power sourcePowered from the reader signal (battery-less)
Typical reading range≤20 cm
Typical Reading Time70
Case materialPlastic Compound, black
Protection glassIP68
EMCProgrammed code is not affected by normal electromagnetic interference or x-rays
Signal penetrationTransponder can be read through almost all nonmetallic material
Mechanical shockIEC 68-2-27, Test Ea; 200 g, half sine, 3 ms, 3 axes, 6 shocks per axis
VibrationIEC 68-2-6, Test Fc; 20 g, 1 - 500 Hz, 3 axes, 24 hours per axis
Weight0.4 g
Operating temperature(read)-25°C to 70°C
Storage temperature-40°C to 100°C

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