Product Detail

UHF Metal Tag

Standard: ISO18000-6C
Frequency: 860-960MHz
Size: 135x22x12mm, customized
Packing: Standard Safe Packing
Material: ABS, FR4, PCB
Product Description

The UHF metal tag product has been tested inseveral applications including retail logistics with long distance reading. Installation on metal surfaces e.g. Containers is done either with strong industrial adhesives or else with mechanical fasteners. The tags are equally designed for warehousing and asset tracking applications.

Assets Management
Car Tracking
Supply Chain Management
Container tracking


Waterproof, Dustproof: IP67

Material: ABS, FR4, PCB
Operating frequency: 860-960MHz
User Memory: 512 bits
Size: 155*32*12.58mm, 135*22*12mm, or customized

There are 3 models UMT001, UMT002 and UMT003 showing as below picture.
Chip: Alien Higgs-3 (Option: Alien Higgs-4/Monza 4D/Monza 4E/Monza 4QT)
Available reading distance: up to 15 meters, depend on your reader
Available operation life: ≥10years
Working temperature range: -25C to 85C
Mounting: Fixed with screw or label adhesive

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